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Bob Tyrrel Advances Black & Grey 6 Color Set Tattoo Ink

Product Code : PRD-86903867      

Rs. 6000

BOB TYRRELL Black and Grey Tattoo Ink Formula Set - 6 Bottles - Intenze Artist Series 1oz set


Bob Tyrrell is one of the world’s leading black and grey tattoo artists. As technically innovative as it is awe-inspiring, Bob’s unique style is rooted in his own mixing techniques. He has single-handedly revolutionized the industry and this style of work. 

In collaboration with INTENZE Bob has progressed this a step further and formulated a black and grey pigment series to help provide the tools for other artists to reach his level of clarity, realism, value, and contrast. 

It is with this series that Bob and INTENZE hope that you can take your black and grey tattoo work to a greater level. 

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