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Tattoo Gizmo

Carbon Tattoo Regular Long Needles - Round Liner (RL)

Carbon Tattoo Regular Long Needles - Round Liner (RL)

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  • Best in Class Needles imported from USA. Tested and used by Best Artists all over the World!!
  • Surgical Steel - Made up of High-Quality 316L Stainless Steel. It prevents needles from curling and causes less trauma & pain. End up using less number of needles
  • Multi-Step Quality Process - Each needle is inspected before it goes through our unique soldering and EO sterilization Process. Ensuring the same perfect quality, each time
  • Perfect Taper, Length & Size - Mastered based on continuous feedback received from renowned artists during our design and manufacturing process 
  • Designed to Work - Holds ink, flows consistently, gets constant line/shade, moves as smooth as a pencil moves on a piece of paper.


  • Condition: 100% New and work well.
  • Material: PVC and Medical Grade Stainless Steel (316L).
  • Package: Individual  Sterile Blister Pack.
  • Safety: Sterilized by EO gas


  • High quality surgical stainless steel
  • Needles marked with lot #, size, sterilization, and expiry dates
  • Built-in proof of sterilization (EO gas indicating dot)
  • Individually blister-packed
  • Standard-length loop bars to fit all machines and tubes
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