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Utopian Artistry Tattoo Cartridge Needles -Round Magnum

Utopian Artistry Tattoo Cartridge Needles -Round Magnum

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  • Anti-backflow: Rubber band-loaded cartridges, with a plastic membrane so that tattoo ink won't flow back to the tubes.
  • Material: The cartridge needles are made of high material PVC and stainless steel, enough healthy and durable to work.
  • Safety: Tattoo cartridge needles are sterilized by E.O gas, each needle cartridge is individually packed and sealed, much safer and more convenient.
  • Compatibility: The needle edges are specially designed to catch more ink and light Grey tubes make you enjoy better needle visibility. The cartridge needles are compatible with most tattoo pens.
  • The proper space makes the movement track of the tattoo needle not deviate.
  • From the light-colored tattoo tube, you can see the situation inside clearly when working.
  • Different sizes of the needles satisfied the tattoo artist's demand for all liner work.
  • The top design of the laminate rubber prevents the colorant from flowing back and protects the tattoo pen.


  • Condition: 100% New and work well.
  • Material: PVC and Medical Grade Stainless Steel (316L).
  • Package: Individual  Sterile Blister Pack.
  • Safety: Sterilized by EO gas
  • Smooth edges eliminate additional trauma.


  • The needle and the tube can be separated, it is more convenient and healthy.
  • The unique design of the tattoo tips can help get more tattoo pigment, and no ink jet when working.
  • The tattoo cartridge needle is individually packaged, we will change a new one for you if the package is broken.
  • Smooth edges eliminate additional trauma.
  • Precision assembly.
  • Compatible with All types of cartridge grips and pen-style tattoo machines
  • Quality is ensured with a meticulous 30-point inspection, including pin alignment and solder distribution.
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