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Tattoo Gizmo BRONC MINI Permanent Makeup Kit - PMU

Tattoo Gizmo BRONC MINI Permanent Makeup Kit - PMU

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  • A comprehensive High Quality permanent makeup Kit for Professional beginners.
  • This kit is a perfect blend of power and performance BRONC MINI pen is fitted with Swiss made motor of 4.5W and max speed of 8000RPM and Tattoo Gizmo Professional Rainbow Power Supply.
  • The Specially designed Eyebrow ruler is flexible and comes with Nose V Shape makes it easy to get the exact eye brow Position, allows using on various types of eyebrows.
  • 2 pcs of high Quality PMU Inks and 50 pcs ring ink cups for easy working.
  • 1 pc Cleaning Solution for cleaning the skin and 5 pcs of aftercare ointment.
  • Excellent Quality combinations for Professional Who are beginning their carrier.


  BRONC MINI Pen Machine:

  •  Warranty: Six Months
    •    Machine Type: Pen Machine
    •    Motor: Swiss Made 4.5W
    •    Max speed: 8000rpm
    •    Needle Protrusion: 0 -2.5mm 
    •    Frame: Aircraft Aluminium  
    •    Noise:  No Noise, Very Low Vibrating and No Heating.
    •    Performance: Efficient, stable 
    •    Operating voltage: 6-8V
    •    Lightweight - Ergonomic pen-like design
    •    Net weight: 90 G

 Power Supply:

  •  Warranty: Six Months 
    •    Gizmo Branded Rainbow Power Supply 
    •    Body Frame Changes the colours as we increase the voltage.
    •    LED Screen
    •    SNMP Based power supply with 2.5A output 
    •    Digital display 
    •    Specially designed for Rotary, PMU machine


  • 100% high quality.
  • This set contains various tools to meet your different Permanent Makeup demands.
  • It is suitable for professional use.
  • Bronc MINI Professional Permanent Makeup Pen is designed in London by professionals.
  • Ergonomically designed thin Grip, Well Balanced and light weight helps you to work without straining your figures and wrist. 
  • Tattoo Gizmo Branded Rainbow Power Supply and Permanent Makeup Inks (1 for eyebrow and 1 for Lips).
  • Professional Eyebrow measuring ruler, Printed & 3D practice skin (1 each) made from high quality silicon. 
  • Tattoo Gizmo 6 Month Warranty on all products contact +91 9711628294 for Service.
  •  This Bronc Professional PMU kit has everything you need to start doing permanent Makeup.

Package Including:

1 Bronc Mini, 1 Rainbow Power Supply, 1 RCA Cord, 10-1RL,3RL cartridge , 2 PMU Colours (1-Eyebrow, 1-Lips), 50 Ink Cups, 1 Cleaning Solution, 2 Practice Skin (1-Printed,1-3D), 1Measuring scale, 5 A&D Pouch, 5 Dental Bibs, 2 Gloves.

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