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TG Eco Nova Rotary Machine - RCA

TG Eco Nova Rotary Machine - RCA

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The TG Nova  Rotary Tattoo Machine is designed with weight distributed to flow, making this tattooing machine virtually weightless. It lets you tattoo for longer periods of time in comfort.

This machine for tattooing packs a serious punch. It boasts power while being amazingly gentle on the wrist. Ideal to assist tattoo artists during a long tattooing process.

The rotary machine tattoo gun with a 3.5mm stroke length is perfect for clean line work, black and grey shading. Each machine is assembled by hand for precise and optimal control

CNC machined, lightweight aluminum tattoo machine anodized to aircraft industry standards.

This is an RCA rotary tattoo machine. Input voltage: 0 -12 volt DC (max. 14 volt DC). Perfect for results that won’t disappoint.


  • CNC machined from aircraft aluminum
  • Weight: 200g
  • Stroke Length: 3.5mm
  • Input voltage: 0 -12 volt DC (max. 14 volt DC)
  • Maximum tube diameter: 8mm


  • This rotary tattoo machine is silent, efficiently stable, yet powerful.
  • Built using billet aircraft aluminum, it is hard assembled and hand polished.
  • Stainless steel, rubber, or plastic grips can easily be used for the product.
  • Lower vibration makes it much safer to use - both for the artist and the client.
  •  All power supply and full line of tattoo premade needles can be used with ease.
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